Castle Clash – Understand The Gameplay


Have you ever played a game in which players get the chance to make loots on the other’s base? If no, then you should try the Castle Clash. In this game, players are able to use different kinds of troops and heroes for making battles with the opponents. To commence the game, you need to use your social networking or Google play id. Once you are sign-up, then you can easily give a name to your account and begin the game.

Before starting the game players will find a tutorial that will help them to understand the gameplay. You will see a small battle that you need to use for playing the gameplay. Instead of troops, players need to pay attention to the currencies so use the Castle Clash Cheats in order to collect free gold and gems online.

Building Upgrade Priority

The game is all about the upgrading. Instead of heroes, you also need to pay attention to the building upgrading. It means players need to give priority to the buildings as well while upgrading everything. In addition to this, you can enhance the progress of the game by improving the structures of the game. To commence with the town hall that you need to upgrade time to time. Thus, some heroes are only available to unlock on a specific level. If you don’t pay attention to the upgrading, then it is not possible to push the performance of the game quickly.

Unit Upgrade Priority

As we already have mentioned that building upgrading, similarly, we need to upgrade the units that will be used in the battles. No doubt, we are using the troops and heroes in a tremendous amount. However, it doesn’t mean the opponent’s base is widespread. It is possible to face a loss at the beginning of the battle because it has only happened when we find essential security. Nonetheless, you can use the gold in order to upgrade the units.