The Walking Dead Our World: Enjoy 3 authentic currencies

Are you looking for a game where players need to explore several places and protect themselves? Try The Walking Dead Our World game, which is consisting of several missions and the player need to explore different sites to find the zombie. Here you can easily find the zombies with the help of a mobile phone. That means you need to use the camera or the phone. If you have seen any zombies, then hit them through mobile. If you do not believe in it, then check The Walking Dead Our World review. As per for playing, you need to collect the currency that helps you in buying some equipment.


There are total of three types of currency:

•         Coins

•         Gold

•         XP


The coins are used for buying several things. For gaining the coins, you need to join the groups and focus on challenges. If you have joined the group for completing the mission, then it will quickly complete on time, and you will get some coins.


The gold is the second currency in the entire game, which is used to upgrade the characters, but in the whole game, it is a minimal amount, so you need to spend it at a lower rate. As you will kill some zombies, then you will get gold. So here you need to kill more zombies and collect the gold.


The XP is us to upgrade the level. For gaining it, you need to do several challenges. Here it means if you want more XP, then you have to complete more challenges. Most of the time if you’re going to spend the cards, then you can.

So, these are the currency of The Walking Dead Our World, if you want to gain more then try to complete the challenges and missions.